Guffey, Colorado
  • Founded in 1894, at an elevation of 8,658 feet.
  • Once called "Freshwater", this little western town awaits the traveler who wants to discover the unexpected.
  • Just off US Hwy 9, near the southern edge of Park County, Guffey's history runs from an early venture in mining to a more successful commerce center for the area ranches.
  • Independent and creative, the residents of Guffey have maintained the historic buildings of an earlier time and reveal a high percentage of talented artists in the area.
  • Guffey, Colorado
  • A favorite local event is the annual Heritage Days on the Fourth of July, which has drawn photographers and fans from all over the United States to witness.
  • A camera is a must when visiting Guffey and its late 1800s buildings, charming restaurants, and galleries.  Guffey also offers rustic guest cabins built in the late 1800s for a fun experience back to the time of the early residents.
  • The town and surrounding area is home to a number of artists and visitors are encouraged to tour this historic town and stop at the Guffey Caldera Art Gallery.
  • The Guffey caldera (basin) is part of a much larger volcanic complex that includes Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.
  • Guffey sprang up following the 1859 "Pikes Peak or Bust" gold rush.
  • The oldest living trees in the Rocky Mountains (up to 2500 years old) still grow on Black Mountain and Thirty Nine Mile Mountain above town.  County Road 102 through Guffey serves as a western portal to the Gold Belt Tour National Scenic Byway.
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